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Technical Requirements for Inspection Tool Design and Manufa

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Technical Requirements for Inspection Tool Design and Manufa

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1. Overall requirements
Technical Requirements for Design and Manufacture of Checking Tools in Changzhou
The main basis is the product digital model supplied by Party A and the reference book, and the supplementary basis is the product drawing. Inspection fixture structure planning must be approved by Party A before it can be manufactured.
Structure of Changzhou Gauge
1.2.1 Steel frame structure or plate structure is selected for checking fixture (the base is below 400X600 with plate structure). Where the weight of checking fixture is above 20kg, four lifting hooks should be set in the proper position. The location of the lifting hook should take into account the smooth lifting and the height of the lifting hook, so as to ensure that the wire rope does not dry with the checking fixture components.
1.2.2 The datum level should not land when the gauge is placed. There should be support under the base. Rollers shall be installed in the checking fixtures of steel skeleton structure. The dismountable structure is selected for the roller equipment to verify the checking fixture.
1.2.3 Manual clamping equipment and cross-section gauge equipment should be set in the reasonable position of the checking fixture, operate sensitively, lock securely and firmly, do not dry with other components, clamping direction should be perpendicular to zero surface.
1.3 Fixture Information and Requirements
1.3.1 skeleton
Pipe welded skeleton is selected. Large-scale inspection tools use 50*50*3 square steel pipe, medium-sized inspection tools use 40*40*3 square steel pipe. Weld seam should be strong, no slag inclusion and other welding defects, non-welded appearance is not allowed to have welding slag, welding nodules. Internal stress should be eliminated after welding. The small-sized checking fixture uses plate structure, 45 steel, 30 mm plate thickness.
1.3.2 face
The Machinable resin material is selected for the profile. Requirements for fine, uniform arrangement, no cracks, pinch. After processing, the surface is smooth and no pitting. No more than 3 stomata per 100 cm 2 and no stomata larger than 0.5 mm are allowed. Profile surface
1.4 Fixture datum and coordinate marking:
1.4.1 The flatness of the reference block is 0.05mm/m2, and the azimuth accuracy of the reference hole is less than 0.1mm.
1.4.2 The X, Y and Z coordinate directions of the datum plane are marked by typewriting with aluminium plate, and the coordinate values of the datum plane are also marked. The coordinate line of the checking tool surface is carved, the distance is 100 mm, the distance of the large checking tool can be 200 mm, and the coordinate value is marked in the visible place.
1.5 Criteria for Selection of Standard Parts
Choose Taiwanese Jiashou products for clamping device
1.6 Signs for Fixtures
Changzhou Fixture Inspection Sign is made of aluminium plate, which is installed on the base. The title of the stamping parts measured by the gauge, the gauge number, the component and the date of manufacture are also marked.
Number of 1.8 Gauge
The number of the inspection fixture shall be fulfilled in accordance with Party A's documents. The title bar of the checking fixture pattern should be able to indicate the contents of the checking fixture number.
1.9 Colouring of Inspection Fixtures
All parts of the fixture shall be painted in accordance with Party A's requirements. Before painting, Party B shall supply color cards of various colors, which can be painted only after Party A acknowledges them.
2. Precision of Fixture Manufacturing
A The flatness of datum level is 0.05mm/m2.
B Reference Hole Azimuth (3-coordinate) +0.1mm
C. Zero accuracy (datum level) less than 0.1mm
D. The azimuth of reference hole (main control hole and auxiliary control hole) + less than 0.1mm
E. Azimuth of general hole (+0.2mm)
F. Zero surface of trim line (+0.3mm)
G. The zero surface of flanging line is less than 0.25mm
H. Let the opening (3mm void surface) + less than 0.25mm
I. Shape template (+0.25mm)
3. Location and clamping of checking fixtures
3.1 The locating point clamping point of the checking fixture is set according to the reference book.
3.2 Two-hole positioning:
Reference Hole I: Location with Cone Pin
Reference Hole II: Location with Diamond Cone Pin
3.3 One hole side positioning:
Cone pin positioning for reference hole I
Benchmark II is positioned by edge or surface (positioning block)
3.4 Three-sided positioning:
Locating block
4. Detection of Upper Hole Position of Check Tool in Changzhou
Installation hole: (for nut welding, bolt welding or through hole) Piston gauge is selected for inspection.
Ordinary holes: Select scribed inspection, double-line inner circle is painted red on the 3 mm gap surface with diameter over 16 mm (as shown in the figure below). Holes with diameter between 16 mm and 9 mm are scribed in nominal scale on the 3 mm gap surface, inner diameter is painted red, holes with diameter between 9 mm and 5 are scribed red on the 1 mm surface with nominal scale inner diameter, and holes with diameter below 5 are scribed on the 1 mm surface with diameter below 1 mm. Cross line, 1 mm surface painted red, the width and depth of the line should be less than 0.1 mm.
5. Inspection of upper section of checking fixture
Important veneer surfaces are inspected by cross-sectional gauges. The body of the cross-section sample gauge is made of steel plate, and the inspection surface of the sample gauge is made of Machinable resin (see figure below). The data type is the same as that of the inspection tool. The support and rotation of cross-section sample gauge require sensitive operation, accurate positioning, stable and reliable locking.
7 Inspection of Inspection Tools
7.1 After the manufacture of the checking fixture, the checking fixture should be self-checked on the three-coordinate measuring machine according to the digital, analog and drawing, and the checking fixture should be checked repeatedly, and the self-checking statement should be made, during which the environmental temperature and relative temperature at the time of checking should be indicated.
7.2 After passing the self-inspection, Party A and Party A shall jointly carry out the re-inspection. After the re-inspection is qualified, it is concluded that the pre-inspection is qualified before shipment.

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