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How to Measure Changzhou Automobile Sheet Metal Inspection T

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How to Measure Changzhou Automobile Sheet Metal Inspection T

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I. Overview of Automobile Inspection Fixtures:
Changzhou checking fixture is the abbreviation of on-line checking fixture for stamping parts and welding parts. It has the same meaning as the sample frame mentioned in other versions of documents. Changzhou Gauge is a kind of testing tool specially manufactured according to the specific requirements of the demand side. The shape of the checking tool must be milling and processed according to the CAD data of the parts, which can reflect all the parameters of the parts and carry out qualitative detection of the parts. For some of the most important functional dimensions on the parts, it can also use the checking fixture to carry out numerical testing. Changzhou Gauge should also have the function of measuring bracket, but when the online detection function of Gauge and the function of measuring bracket can not be satisfied at the same time, the online detection function of Gauge should be satisfied first.
Under normal frequency and good maintenance conditions, it is necessary to ensure that the checking fixture has the same service life as its corresponding calendering die and welding fixture.
Considerations before fixture manufacture (5 points):
1. The parts of the finished product that require precision and the method of accuracy confirmation.
2. Importance of accuracy requirements and verification methods.
3. Consideration of deformation of finished products in stamping process.
4. Use considerations (convenient, lightweight and fast).
5. The whole structure is firm but not deformed.


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