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What should we pay attention to in the design of non-standar

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What should we pay attention to in the design of non-standar

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Non-standard fixture design is usually carried out in accordance with the specific requirements of a certain process after the formulation of the mechanical processing process of parts.
The possibility of fixture realization should be fully considered in the formulation of technological process. In the design of fixture, if necessary, some suggestions on modification of technological process can also be put forward.



The design quality of non-standard fixture and fixture should be measured by whether it can guarantee the processing quality, high production efficiency, low cost, easy chip removal, safe operation, labor saving and easy maintenance of the workpiece. Next we follow Changzhou Tengwu Precision Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. to see the basic principles of fixture design.
1. Satisfy the stability and reliability of workpiece positioning in the use process.
2. Enough load-bearing or clamping force is needed to ensure that the workpiece is processed on the fixture.
3. Satisfy the simple and fast operation in the clamping process.
4. Fragile parts must be a structure that can be quickly replaced without using other tools when conditions are adequate.
5. Satisfy the reliability of repeated positioning of fixture in the process of adjustment or replacement.
6. Avoid complex structure and high cost as far as possible.
7. Choose standard parts as components as far as possible.
8. Form systematization and standardization of products within the company.
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