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What are the standard parts of Changzhou Gauge?

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What are the standard parts of Changzhou Gauge?

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Changzhou calibration standard parts, also known as standard parts, refer to thorough standardization and standardization of layout, drawing, symbols and scales, and some common parts and components produced by professional manufacturers, such as rolling bearings, keys, threaded parts, pins and so on. Generally speaking, it includes standardized seals, tension springs, connectors, hydraulic components, fasteners, bearings and other mechanical parts. Narrowly, it only includes standardized fasteners. Domestic standard parts are abbreviated as standard fasteners. They are narrow concepts and cannot eliminate the existence of broad concepts. In addition, there are professional standard parts, such as automobile standard parts and die standard parts, which also belong to the broad standard parts.


Generally speaking, the standard parts are clear and standardized mechanical parts and components, which are highly standardized and professionally versatile. They are also called general parts. Generalized specifications include fasteners, connectors, transmission parts, seals, hydraulic components, pneumatic components, bearings, tension springs and so on. They all have corresponding national specifications and have strong cross-professional versatility. Professional norms, the concept attributed to the profession agreed upon by the saying, there is no clear provision. Professional normative parts are common die normative parts, automobile normative parts and so on. When a kind of commodity is widely used in the profession, that is, general parts; general parts norms are generally formulated by leading companies in the profession and widely accepted by the profession, so the company norms become the de facto professional norms, which can also be called professional norms. Mold standard parts, the current professional standardization of the mold is relatively high, there are injection mold frame, push rod, warm runner mold and so on. At present, there are many kinds of automotive inspection standard parts, such as automotive fasteners, spark plugs, shock absorbers and door locks. The more sophisticated the industry is, the higher the degree of standardization and standardization is, the more standardized parts are, and the less the cost of the profession is. Therefore, excessive standardization and standardization should be prevented in order to avoid monotonous and low-end varieties of the industry. This article is simply shared here. If you are interested in our products, please call us.

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