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Address: No. 8 Shangde Road, Xinbei District, Changzhou City
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Changzhou Tengwu Precision Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a customized professional manufacturer engaged in the design, manufacture, assembly and service of medium and high-end precision parts, fixtures and non-standard automation equipment. According to the different needs of customers, using professional technical team and professional manufacturing capacity to integrate market team resources to solve technical problems and R&D problems for customers; supporting low-cost, high-quality products for customers; realizing "reduce production waste, zero inventory customization" with the concept of lean production for customers is the company's service purpose!
At present, the company's products involve customer areas: industrial automation engineering (industrial robotic assembly line), mechanical and electrical engineering, traffic track, textile machinery, coal mine power, medical orthopaedic surgical tools and medical equipment and other non-standard automation equipment industries. The company has rich processing experience for various European standard materials, such as various kinds of high-speed alloy steel, 7075; alloy copper, copper, phosphorus disilicon, nickel, ceramics; engineering plastics PTFE, stainless steel and other special materials, but also to provide customers with some special material surface treatment, such as stainless steel blackening, high carbon steel and alloy steel blackening.
Although our company is at the initial stage of development, but adhering to the "quality assurance, integrity assurance, intimate service" management concept, while relying on professional technical ability and rich professional knowledge, honest service and excellent quality, to provide customers with one-stop service. At present, our company has successfully become a high-quality supplier and partner of German, Italian, French, Japanese, Spanish and domestic state-owned enterprises. We strive to become a highly respected supplier and trusted partner in many industries and fields. Wish to exchange and cooperate with suppliers from all walks of life to seek common development!

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